Stainless Steel Teething Necklace

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Image of Stainless Steel Teething Necklace

Because babies love to grab your jewelry right?

Introducing the timeless stainless steel teething necklace by Yummikeys. Two shiny stainless steel loops are held by a cotton cord in a selection of colours. One loop is flattened and the other rounded and holding three smaller beads. This teething necklace is carefully designed to look beautiful on and to be engaging for little fingers - a perfect distraction during feeding.

Designed in Scotland, this teething necklace is made from cutlery grade stainless steel (the very same material as your cutlery). Stainless steel is cool on teething gums, safe for little teeth and non toxic.

Now for the serious stuff:

* Perfect distraction for feeding babies
* Break away clasp
* BPA, lead, cadmium and phthalate free
* 100% stainless steel
* Hoops can be washed in the dishwasher
or in soapy water
* Designed in Edinburgh, made in China
* Ring (largest) 4 cm diameter
* Cord length 60 cm


*This is not a toy
* Intended to be worn by adults only
*Do not leave babies and children
unattended with jewellery